we are committed to good and quality writing, and we understand financial matters. The written word can leave a strong, lasting impression. When the writing is done well, that impression is good. When it is done poorly, the impression can create a long-lasting problem.


For writing to work, it must make your point succinctly; present your message clearly and accurately. We are skilled at formulating ideas, creating structure, managing complicated tasks, and conveying complex technical to an untrained or lay audience. We always keep the reader or listener in mind. We avoid fancy vocabulary, complex sentences, and jargon that might hide a message. We embrace active language, straight talk, and clear, down-to-earth explanations. We practice this philosophy in our own writing, and we instill it in others in our workshops. 

Originality and Inventiveness:

Our commitment to excellence extends to everything we do including originating the written words to perfectly match your message. We do not serve two clients with one pitch. Each of our clients is entitled to the customized written words to suit their messages.

Our clients have the legal right over the written words.

At The Witty Pen, we do not have the legal right to reuse or re-offer rendered services to another clients. We customize our services to suit our various clients, and we bestow on our clients the legal authority to claim possession of written words once full payment has been made.  

On-time Delivery:

This is the aspect we don’t joke with – On-time Delivery! We understand the need to pass across your ideas, intents, and messages to the audience, and also we know the consequence of not delivering on time, so we make sure we don’t exceed the agreed date of delivery. We would rather be faithful with the time frame than guesstimate an unachievable turnaround so as to get the project, and end up become a failure.

Our joy comes when we see our clients knock on our door for another transaction, so we don’t joke with the first, and the subsequent transactions.